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Dave Ramsey Quote

This has to be my absolutely favorite Dave Ramsey quote due to the fact that it’s what changed our family tree and took us from a negative net worth to a positive one and grows it for us every month as we go forward.

Actually, there is a little more to the quote then this as well. Dave goes on to say, “Nothing happens without focus, so when you try to do six things at once, nothing seems to happen. You can’t get out of debt and fund retirement adequately and fund the emergency fund. When you attack one thing and let the other things sit while staying current, things happen.”

This was a big turning point for our family because before we started using Dave’s system, we were trying to do everything at once. We were trying to:

  • Save for our emergency fund
  • Invest money into retirement
  • Pay off our debts (interest rate instead of debt snowball)
  • Save for vacation and other miscellaneous things

We weren’t getting any traction! It just felt like we were just treading water and wouldn’t be able to sustain this route for the long term. But, Dave’s Baby Steps and writing out a budget each month have allowed us to focus all of our extra money that we are able to scrape together each month and allow us to put that towards our current step in the process we are on.

What do you do? Do you try to do it all at once? Do you work the baby steps that Dave teaches? Do you have some other system that you teach? Let me know in the comments.

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