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Some of our topics include:

  • Finances
    • Banking
    • Biblical Finances
    • Budgeting
    • Career Advice
    • Credit Cards
    • Debt
    • Emergency Fund
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Family Finances
    • Frugality
    • Home Ownership
    • How To Articles on Personal Finance
    • Insurance
    • Investing (we can talk generics, but can't give any specific recommendations)
    • Kids & Handling Money
    • Making Money

Link Requirements & Policies

I don't want to create a bunch of spammy web articles that link away from the site too much. Here is my stance on link requirements.

  • Internal Links - I will be going through your post after submission and looking at how I can link it to other articles on the site and vice versa. I want people to be able to explore the site well and get easy access to the information that is on it. You are welcome to add the internal links yourself, but I will be checking them to make sure that I agree with them.
  • Number of Links Allowed Per Post - I don't really set a number of links in the post, but try to make sure that linking makes sense.
  • Affiliate Links - We don't allow affiliate links from guest authors at this time. If you have them, we will either remove them or change them.
  • Linking To Your Own Content - You may link to relevant content in your post once within the article as long as it makes sense. You will have your author box to showcase your social media profiles as well as your main website.
  • Author Box - We use Gravatar for our avatars for authors and comments. Make sure you have your email setup with your picture that you submit with below so that people will be able to put a face with a name when your post goes live. No one takes recomendations from anonymous sources.


Authors of each guest post will be responsible for answering comments on their posts. I try to respond to each and every comment someone leaves on my site at this time. I would love it if you would do the same! You are working to build a relationship with the audience here. I don't see why you wouldn't want to answer any comments that come in.

Post Image Requirements

  • Post Attribution - When posting images, please make sure that you are allowed to post the image. This means it must be your own original image. A great place to get images for free is Pixabay.
  • Recommended Sizes - For the featured header images, we have found that 750x415 works well. Please include it in your submission as the featured header image is the image that shows up on the home page of this site. I use Canva to create a lot of my images for free. I also try to include 2 735x1102 images for Pinterest sharing.

Republishing Policies

  • Articles put up on MyFamilyOnABudget.com are original and are written by you.
  • All credits go to the author of each article (you).

Editorial Policies

MyFamilyOnABudget.com reserves the right to ask you to edit your posts for grammar, content or anything else if I don't feel it would be a good fit for the audience. Please don't be offended if I suggest you make multiple changes.

Global NPN - all the tools an e-marketer needs.


I will do my best to promote your article on my site through all of my social channels as well as in my different marketing strategies. It would be great if you could also share your guest article in your normal channels as well so that we can cross audiences and build awareness!

Formatting Preferences

  • Sub Headings - Please use sub headings where appropriate (H2 and H3 tags).
  • Bullet Points - lists are much easier to read when they have bullet points.

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