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 So here we are, 15 days after I have started tracking my weight with my new Fitbit Aria Smart Scale. I have really had some ups and downs over this time. I have been having fun seeing the numbers come in easier and faster then ever. I have to say that I am impressed by this scale and how well it measures.

My Last 2 Weeks

First, my review of my weight journey so far. When I started back on my first day with this scale, I was at 229.8 lbs and that was a big shocker to me as my old scale had said I was about 5-7 lbs lighter. After getting over that little bump, I can say that I’ve successfully weighed myself each morning right after I get up so that I can hopefully have about the same body composition and have some sort of metrics to try to keep the same.


15 day Weight Loss Graph from April 26 – May 11. Started at 229.8 and am down to 227.6. Slow but steady wins the race!

In the first week, I was doing well, but ended up right back where I had started from on that Friday, so no progress there. Or so I thought. By Sunday morning, I weighed in at 228.3, or 1.5 lbs down from the week prior! I was very happy to see that!

My second week ending on Sunday, I ended up at 226.6, which is and additional 1.7 lbs off! I can attribute a lot of this to working hard exercising and eating much better portions. Although, when I weighed in this morning (May 11th) I can tell that my dessert that I had last night didn’t help, back on the band wagon today.

Other then hopping on the scale each day, I have been trying to accomplish a couple other goals to help me drop a few pounds.

Tracking What I Eat

I have been trying to track what I’ve been eating, even if I end up going over my calorie goal. The app that I’m using is an app that I’ve had a love-hate relationship for years. It’s called MyFitnessPal and allows you to track your foods you consume by just scanning the barcode and putting in the amount you are eating. I have had pretty good luck with this method although sometimes I get annoyed with having to write everything down. But, it does open up my eyes to what I really am consuming as I tend to think it’s less when left to my own opinion. The downside to it is when someone makes a combination meal of some sort and there is no barcode to scan to get the quick and easy input. At that point, I just do my best to put the ingredients in and what I’m eating. If I overestimate, at least I will not eat as much.

I just wish more people used the app and connected with me. I would love some extra support and cheering as well as accountability. Of course, that’s partly why I’m writing all that here though.

Counting Steps


Still waiting for my Apple Watch


Not My Apple Watch

I have been trying to hit around 10,000-12,000 steps daily on my pedometer as much as I can. It’s hard some days, but Saturday was a breeze as I was taking over 20 loads of free mulch from my neighbor’s house across the street. I ended up with over 25,000 steps that day! The nice thing about the pedometer is that it is a constant motivator to get to your goals.

The nice thing about this pedometer is that I’ve already hit the max for my points through June 30th. I earned $75 this year so far and am looking forward to doing it again next quarter! My work invests in our employees through Virgin Pulse.

I’m still looking forward to receiving my Apple Watch and getting to track with that vs this guy. But, he will have to do until I finally receive it. I’m really looking forward to tracking my heart rate while exercising and getting even more reminders to move around more. Plus, the build quality is just amazing compared to what I’m wearing now.

On To the Next 15 Days

So, I am going to try to publish what I’ve been up to every 2 weeks and try to give an update on how things are working for me and what I need to improve on.

Some things that I plan to do are:

  • Staying under my 2,260 calorie goal
  • Keeping up with smaller portions
  • Eating more earlier in the day and tapering off at dinner
  • Ramping up to get more exercising activities logged.

See ya in another 15 days!

If you haven’t seen my series about my Weight Loss Journey, please check them out here.

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