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So, today is 3 days past my 30 day mark that I got my Fitbit Aria Smart Scale. I have incorporated quite a few new routines into my lifestyle and am seeing some great progress!

If you haven’t seen my series about my Weight Loss Journey, please check it out here.
Here is my graph of how my weight has moved daily over the last 30 days:  

 As you can see from the image, I am down 7.9 lbs from my start and if I were to go from the day I got my scale, I would actually be down another pound making my total 8.9 lbs. I am very impressed that I was able to do that much in my first month since my goal is to lose 1 lb a week.

Here are the things I am doing to achieve my results:


I have been trying out a few new workouts lately and trying to fit extra little workouts into my routine as much as possible. My daily average has climbed to 29 minutes now from around 12 which is great.

I would have to say this has a lot to do with how I am tracking now too. I have gotten my Apple Watch and now it is easier then ever to track my workouts and get them to seamlessly sync to my iOS Healthkit. I have found the Watch Activity app to be very helpful and accurate. Also, with the move rings that you get to set goals in, I am motivated now a little more to fill in the rings each day. I have set my active calorie goal to 750 calories and my active minutes to 30 minutes. My watch reminds me to stand for at least a minute of every hour as well.

As far as what I’m doing for a workout routine, I have been trying to get a 10-20 minute walk in before work each morning, followed by another 10-30 minute walk in the afternoon, as well as doing one to two circuits in an app I found called Seven.

Seven is designed to give you a total body workout in a 7 minute circuit of 12 exercises that you do 30 seconds of with 8-10 seconds of rest in between. The app has a game perspective as you start with 3 hearts and lose a heart each day that you don’t do the workout (or tell it that you did a different workout). I have found that I can get my heart rate up in the 130’s, 150’s if I do a second circuit and feel great after doing the circuit.

If you would like to learn more about the Seven app, you can download it here: iTunes | Android

Eating Better

So, since I’ve started, I’ve actually started to eat better. By eating better, I have established a few rules for myself:

  • Keep to fish, chicken, and turkey
  • Try to keep my servings to 1 serving at each meal (roughly 500-600 calories per meal)
  • Try to eat more veggies and fruit as well as complex carbs instead of processed foods
  • Try to stay under 2260 calories
  • Drink 64 oz of water daily (working my way up on this one!)

By following these 5 simple rules, I am eating healthier, staying fuller with less food, and am feeling more alert and active with much less caffeine. In fact, I’ve actually cut my coffee intake down to just one 20 oz mug in the morning and now just drink water the rest of the day. I’m only averaging about 30-40 oz. of water daily now though, but that is up from around 8-12 oz. Progress is progress though!


Since starting, I’ve started incorporating more health conscious reading into my routine to give me new ideas and motivate me to work harder to achieve my goals! The main source of reading I’ve been doing is reading the blog from MyFitnessPal, they tend to have some great articles about getting started, new recipes, and what to watch out for, as well as success stories. I try to think about it more often that way I will stay more focused on my journey and achieving success.

Another way I’m learning is just by asking others what they are doing. Whether it be recipes they use, nutrition info to learn more about, or just asking people to walk with me, I’m continuing to use other people as ways to help me out. By sharing my journey, I’m making myself more accountable and hopefully it will keep me on track for the long term!

All in all, I’m looking forward to the next month. I can already tell that my endurance has picked up as I’m not as winded as I was when I started. The workouts are still hard, but they are getting easier and I’m finding myself able to push harder during them. I can tell I am losing body fat because I can already tell that my clothes are fitting better and I can suck in my gut more to where my shirt doesn’t stretch to cover me up anymore, which is huge to me as I want to work to lose that stubborn belly fat.

In the next month, I am going to start measuring myself and will start incorporating that into my routine weekly I’m thinking. Also, I’m looking to up my workout intensity and start trying to jog a little more in my afternoon walks to eventually work up to jogging full time. I know I can get there if I stay focused daily. Another thing I’m going to do is try to find a before picture and start taking pictures each month to show my progress.

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  1. Steve, great job! I’m excited to see the progress after you stick with this. Losing weight and getting fit is a life changer. Best of luck and keep working hard.

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