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So many of us do it. We want to lose those 10 or 20 pounds. We get excited and start to get on board, but by day 5 we are back into our old habits. Why do we do this? Why is it so hard to stay on track? I know that I’ve been trying to get back under 200 for some time now and everytime I start to get things going the right way, I lose hope for some reason, or I stop making watching what I’m doing a priority, or I just stop caring and start indulging once again. I am so sick of losing the same weight over and over. I am putting a stick in the ground and saying this is enough and am going to mark this day as the day that I finally starting getting things moving in the right direction for good!

Why am I so sure this time is going to work? I have some new tools I am going to try and a new mindset.

I remember last year waiting around for iOS8 to come out for iPhone because I would finally get Healthkit, a place where all my different excersize, calorie counting and health related apps could all work together in one place! I loved the fact that I would be able to track my different workouts in different apps and the data would all converge on the main app and go into one place where I could look and see my overall picture. As I started using it, I started mainly tracking my steps and distance. It was making me strive to get farther each time to outdo my last day.

Just Friday, I’ve finally taken the plunge into trying out a wi-fi scale. I went with the Fitbit Aria Smart Scale and am anxiously awaiting it’s arrival today. What I like about this scale is the ability to track my weight automatically, lean body mass and my BMI. I have been manually tracking my weight for a few weeks now, but sometimes I forget to enter the data into my health app so I don’t have the clearest picture. I’m looking forward to being able to track this info more regularly and see my choices making a difference. I should be getting my scale delivered from Amazon today!

Another tech gadget that I’m looking forward to adding to my collection on my weight loss journey is the Apple Watch! I preordered, but will not have it until the middle of May. All the review videos are looking good for the most part, and I am excited to start being able to track my heartbeat more regularly during interval workouts.

Another tool that I have been using is an elliptical. I prefer the elliptical over a treadmill because of the low impact on my shins and knees. I feel like I get a good workout on it and it does a pretty good job. I workout on it sporadically though and need to start making it an everyday activity if possible.

I’m getting back onto the MyFitnessPal bandwagon again. I feel like I’ve dropped that more times then I can count, but I know that if I want to keep my eating in check, I need to write everything down and plan my meal calories so that I am not overeating. I like the recorder, but just have a hard time when we go out to eat mainly. I am going to try harder to start getting my journal done and stay under my calorie goals! Without a plan, I won’t be able to make it happen though, so this is going to be an essential tool that I need to use.

I’m also changing my mindset. I used to be all about weight loss goals and the number on the scale. I want to focus more on just being healthier and eating better. Earlier this year, I had a big wakeup call when my wife and I applied for life insurance and she came back at the 2nd to highest healthy tier and I scored in the 2nd to lowest healthy tier. My life insurance costs are more than double hers. I know that by getting healthier and dropping some weight, we might be able to drop some of that premium too! My goal is to lose some weight while putting on muscle and toning back up. I have let myself go long enough and have a hard time just keeping up with our two kids.

So, for today, I was just wanting to get that out there and mark this day in the sand that I’m going to work to change things. I will be blogging about my successes and failures along my journey and would love to have you as my cheering section/accountability! Keep me strong and encourage me to get healthier!

Bouncing back and forth…

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