March 2016 – $84,292.22 – Net Worth Update (+14,825.89)


  • Home Value - $160,000 - Holding on to this number since our appraisal was done before our refinance (August 2014). We are now a year in. Since our last update, we have finished the flooring, where we went with an epoxy floor and I've since drywalled and painted the theater room, almost done there as well!
  • 401k - Most of the growth here has been our contributions. Now, both of us are contributing enough to get the max match at each of our jobs. Feels good to be doing that. Hopefully, we will see some decent growth this year!
  • IRA - Been sitting on the Vanguard fund ever since I purchased it and just watching the account sit there at about flat...Not contributing here quite yet, but as we start investing more to get to our 15%, we will put more in here and our other IRA.
  • HSA - I decided to throw this number in there since it is money that is ours and we do contribute to it monthly. Even if I leave my job, this is my account and I can take it with me. I will start updating it with my monthly numbers.
  • Auto Value - This number has increased a bit since we purchased a Chevy Impala (2010) and sold the 2001 Ford Escape. We did pay cash and have no payments on either vehicle so don't have to worry about it adding to our liability column.
  • Cash Money - Cash value has shrunk due to us purchasing the vehicle out of our emergency fund. We are actively saving and working to rebuild our fund.
  • Savings - Even though it may look as though we are fully funded at this time, we are sitting on some extra money that was given to us through an inheritance where we will be investing it in the future towards our kids' college funds once we have replaced the money we spent on the car.


  • Home Mortgage - The mortgage continues to work itself down with our minimum payments as we haven't quite hit baby step 6 yet. It is nice to see it moving down more and more each month. We ended up having to turn down another refinance since it would have upped our minimum payment above where we are comfortable with at this time, so that was a bummer. We are seeing over $400 a month go towards the principal as we move closer to the tipping point of being able to pay more on the principal then the interest.

Take Away for the Month

Life happens, whether you are ready or not. I like it that we are still making progress even though I feel like we've slowed down a little bit due to us giving in a little more to our lifestyle and just making sure we are not going back into debt to advance lifestyle. I don't feel like we've jumped out of bounds or anything, but I feel that we are finally at a place where we are able to just coast a little more.

How did your month end up?

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