June 2015 – $66,792 – Net Worth Update (+$888.00)3 min read

What Happened

This month was a pretty good month overall, but I think with how the paychecks fell at the end of the month, our stats were showing a little skewed. We will see next month anyways. Also, We got a good chunk of money put away into savings this month getting us all that much closer to our Fully Funded Emergency Fund of 6 months of expenses!

We moved our investments around so we ended up taking a little hit on that getting things started up after rolling over Jenni's 401k into an IRA. But, it should come back in due time.

Net Worth - June 2015

Net Worth Tracker June 2015


  • Home Value - $160,000 - Holding on to this number since our appraisal was done before our refinance (August 2014)
  • 401k - Dropped by $1,333 since we rolled it over into an IRA with American Funds and there is a startup fee. Thinking that since it is invested in better funds, it will come back pretty quickly.
  • IRA - dropped $63, but hopefully it will grow again next month. I didn't put anything in there.
  • Auto Value - Same value according to Mint.com
  • Cash Money - We beefed up our sinking fund this month so not as much came out.
  • Savings - We were only able to add a little over $500 here this month. But, July should be way higher since we are going to have an extra paycheck. Hoping to possibly finish this off by getting to our goal of $15,000 with extra money this month, but we will see.


  • Home Mortgage - Another $393 knocked off of principal! Love seeing that steady growth of principal being knocked off each month. This is $2.00 more that went to principal this month then last month. We will be over $400 a month in principal soon enough!

Take Away for the Month

We moved Jenni's 401k from her work to the rollover, but didn't expect the startup fee. I guess you live and learn. I'm thinking that it's invested in much better funds now though that will outperform and grow much better. We aren't starting her new job's 401k until after we finish our 6 month fully funded emergency fund, so that will either be next month or September but we get a match up to 5%, so that will be some nice free money we will be pulling in once we get there.

I really liked how well we created our budget this past month. It allows us to put money into our emergency fund each paycheck. I'm planning on doing the same this month (July) as well. If we just sock the money away into the savings right away then we won't miss it and it's in a good place.

We did spend a little bit extra this month, going to Prairie Fest to go to the yearly carnival. Overall we were able to stick to our budget and make some great progress though!

As you can see, it's just these little month over month wins that add up and keep that overall net worth line continuing to head positive further!

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  1. Congrats on the forward progress. Its a shame on those darn investment fees but I think you guys made the right decision by moving your 401k to the IRA.

    • Thanks. Yeah, they went into front loaded mutual funds, but I am thinking they are going to perform much better over the long term.

  2. Nice job on creeping ever closer to the fully funded emergency fund. As old Aesop would remind us, “slow and steady wins the race.”

    • Thanks SavvyJames. Yes it’s been a long race to build it but it will be with it in the long run for sure!

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting! It’s fun looking back and learning from our past with these updates! This one in particular turned out to be a bad decision that we have finally moved away from just last month as we moved away from the American Funds and over to Vanguard! But, you live and you learn!

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