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Father's Day Weekend

Father’s Day Weekend

Father’s Day was great! We got to see a lot of family, spend time with our dad’s and get to do something special as a family. I hope you had a great Father’s Day as well. I thought I would just take some time to share what we did!

Saturday Morning – Errands

Saturday morning was all about getting some loose ends tightened up. I had to get the tires rotated and stopped by our church to drop off some cookies for a memorial that was going on there. While stopping in, I found out that the church’s sound computer power supply had gone bad. Since I built the computer, I was the one taking care of it. Since I couldn’t make it work, I took it home with me and swapped my own power supply into it to make sure that we had a working computer for church service on Sunday morning.

After that I went out and got my tires rotated for free at Discount Tire since we bought our tires there. We’ve been going there since before I got out of high school. They have great service and great prices on their tires. On my way back, I stopped by Jenni’s grandma’s house to drop off a stuffed animal that needed sewn up. Since neither of us sew, Grandma Jones was our only option.

Saturday Afternoon – Fun With Family

After getting back from the errands in the morning, we had planned on driving out to one of my uncle’s houses and hanging out visiting with family and have a potluck. It was great getting together with them, as we have a huge family and generally end up making rounds as we go.

Goodwin Fam

Here’s a picture we took of everyone getting together.

It was great getting together with everyone and getting to talk about old times and share what’s been going on in everyone’s lives as of late too!

Sunday Morning – Hanging out on the Deck

Because we got home so late on Saturday night, we opted to stay home from church and just relax as a family this weekend. We decided to go out on our back porch and enjoy the sun. I filled up the baby pool and let the girls play with their toys and explore.

It was nice to sit out because it wasn’t quite full sun yet and it was still cool enough where you didn’t pour out sweat from just sitting there. The days of just sitting back and relaxing are pretty close to over for me and my wife at this point in our lives with a 3 year old and a 13 month old though. One of them is crawling everywhere they shouldn’t and the other is always running somewhere she shouldn’t; but it’s still a great time to hang out and get involved with the family.

Reflecting on this time makes me want to pitch the tent in the backyard and camp out under the stars with the kids and just play pretend for a while while everything is so big to them. I guess we will have to just make sure to get that on the calendar later on this year.

Sunday Afternoon – Prairie Fest Carnival

After playing out in the sun for a while, we decided to go in and try to get the girls to take a nap. On the weekends, they tend to sleep less with us and getting them to both take a nap at the same time can generally be an impossible task. However, it does miraculously happen from time to time. Not this day though.

The next best thing to get kids to settle down for a nap though is a car ride. I knew that going to Prairie Fest for the last day would be fun for our 3 year old because she was just getting to be tall enough to ride the carnival rides. We had about a 40 minute ride to get out to the carnival, so the kids were able to get a small nap in while my wife and I stopped through drive thru so that we wouldn’t have to eat at more then retail price at the fest for carnival food. We hit up the dollar menu at McDonald’s and ate lunch for dirt cheap since the girls were still sleeping.

When we finally got there, the girls were just waking up, so we parked and walked in and started walking around and seeing the business vendors on our way to the rides. We found out it was wristband day, so we were able to snag unlimited rides for only $20 for the day for our 3 year old, which was a great deal since most of the rides were $3 each if we were buying tickets individually. Even better, I didn’t have to buy a wristband and still got to go on a few of the rides with her since she might be too scared or was just not quite big enough yet.

She rode the rides like a champ and was on them for about 3 hours. Here are some of the rides she went on:

After hanging out at the fair for the better part of the day, we were finally able to convince Evelyn that we could go home. We went home and relaxed and got the kids off to bed before heading to bed ourselves.

It was a fantastic weekend and we got to spend it the best way possible, with family! I hope you had a great Father’s Day weekend as well and got to do some fun stuff with your family as well!

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