September 2017 – $119,551.88 – Net Worth Update (+$536.82)6 min read

Net Worth - September 2017

September net worth change chart


  • Home Value - $174,000 - This is the number that I'll most likely be sticking with for the short term future. It seems to be a solid number, although Zillow is throwing a bigger number out there currently. I know that many others have said that Zillow seems to move around too much to be so accurate, but I'm going to stay conservative for now! Zillow is now showing that my home is worth as $184,316, but it changes all the time, so I'm holding back on that.
  • Work Roth 403b -  The account continues to grow at a nice rate with. We put the most of our contributions in here and are enjoying the ride this year!
  • Traditional and Roth IRA's - Nice bit of growth this month as we are letting the market do it's magic!
  • Brokerage Account - We didn't make a contribution to the account this month, or for the past few months now as we've been using the money to build our emergency fund back up instead. Right now, we are still a bit off of the May high of this year, with this month bringing in the fourth straight down month this year. I'm not too worried about it, since we were coming off quite a run up in the previous months. I only own two stocks in this account, Phillip Morris, International (PM) and Altria Group (MO). I am long both of these holdings and have held since around 2002.
  • Auto Value - It goes up, it goes down... just cars doing their normal thing here...
  • Cash Money - Lost about $500 overall this month, but that's not bad with the spending that we had. Here's how our bigger expenses played out:
    • Sinking Funds took an $2,198 hit! Wowzas! Two things happened in particular here. First, our six month auto insurance renewal came due of $560. The other thing was, I updated our home theater project and dumped about $1,000 into it. I know some people will think that I made the wrong decision, but we are looking to use it as an outreach tool for gatherings in the future. I will be doing a separate post on the specifics, but that's the main reason for the huge hit to our sinking funds this past month.
    • Groceries were high this month. We spent $852 of which almost $180 was eating out. Ouch! We are going to have to work harder in October to bring this back into line.
    • Medical came in at $302 this month. Big increase from last month. We are back into the negative with our sinking fund in this category for now. Currently, we put $50 a month away for this to help offset the costs.
  • Emergency Fund Savings - Due to updating the home theater this month, our emergency fund took a hit. This was also due to us overspending this month on groceries and gas as well. We are going to hopefully be able to bring it back in within the next month or two.


Home Mortgage - Boom! Another payment in and we broke the $612 mark! We are paying off over $200 more than before we refinanced, although we won't break even until April or May 2018. However, we are less than 15 years away from paying off our mortgage now!

YTD Net Worth Growth

2017 Net Worth YTD Septmeber

Love seeing this trendline continue!

January 1st, 2017 : $102,049.03

August 1st, 2017 : $119,551.88

Total Growth YTD : $17,502.85 (17.15%)

Last Year's Growth: $18,336.16 (21.88%)

Take Away for the Month

Another great month in the books! Would like to see more going back into savings to get that rebuilt, but every month is different I guess. Love seeing that our growth for the year is approaching what we did last year!

How did your September go?

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