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So, this past weekend was Labor Day weekend here in the USA and for many, that meant a 3 day weekend to spend time together and with extended family. Our family got to do the same this weekend, which was nice and relaxing.


We were able to hang out and have a rather lazy day on Saturday where I took to some canning (1st timer here) and my neighbor walked me though. I wasn’t planning on starting canning this year, but, my neighbor had a great peach tree this year and I decided to pick some. I couldn’t believe how easy it was, although it was a little bit time consuming.

We got through quite a bit, as we ended up canning about 12 quarts peaches, 5 1/2 quarts spaghetti sauce, and 3 quarts of Apples. I had fun doing it and am looking forward to having them for the coming months for our family to enjoy even though it did take a few hours of cutting, washing, peeling and boiling to get the process done.

Here are some pictures that I took during the process:

Family Play Time

We also got to watch some movies and get to do some play time. One of the new things that we do around the house these days is role playing. Jenni helps Evelyn reenact some scenes from Cinderella since she loves watching that movie so much. Evelyn loves taking a little blanket and wrapping it around her and pretending to go to the ball.

Extended Family

So, we were supposed to go out on Sunday after church and see my Mom, but she ended up having to work (oh the joys of being a retail manager). We ended up hanging around the house instead.

Monday, we ended up getting to go out and see my dad, since he was home for a couple days from being on the road training for over the road trucking.

El RioBefore going out there though, we stopped off and had some lunch. The plan had been to go to Walmart to get some in soles for my shoes (beats buying new shoes and only cost $2!) and then go out and play at the park with the kids. However, they fell asleep on the way out there, it’s about a 35 minute drive, so we ended up just driving around for a little while. We were on our way over to meet up with my dad, but the kiddos woke up and were hungry. We ended up going to a place called “El Rio”. We had quesadillas, Queso Fondido, and enchiladas. After eating, we headed up to meet with everyone.


We ended up meeting out at a campground where my Uncle has a camper to hang out for a while. It was nice getting together and seeing the family!

Glenwood family photo1Of course, the dirt bike in the picture ended up being a nice laugh when my sister decided she would try riding it and didn’t know how to let off the gas and ended up running right into the porch. She was OK although, she did have a nice burn mark from it.

So, how did your Labor Day go? Did you do anything fun and exciting? Did you bust your budget at all?

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