July 2017 – $117,054.45 – Net Worth Update (+$3,801.02)5 min read

July 2017 Net Worth Update Progress Graph

Sorry about missing last month's net worth update, I've been having too much time outdoors with my two girls since I've been stepping away for the summer! It's the first update I've missed since August 2016. I will try to update monthly again going forward.

July was a great month for us as we were able to make great progress on building up our emergency fund since having to pay out of pocket for our roof replacement back in May.

Fun things we did in July

We did quite a bit, but I'll just leave you with this video showing all the different things we did here.

Why I post my net worth updates publicly

If this is the first time you've stumbled upon my monthly net worth reports, I would like to explain why I choose to write them.

First, I love the accountability they force on me about handling my finances. I'm posting to be transparent and to really try to explain what happened over the last month that moved the needle for our family.

Second, I'm hoping to inspire and motivate others to reach to make their financial future better. I wanted to show that our journey is not all straight up success with no bumps in the road. Everyone has setbacks, but we can't let that get us down! We have to keep pressing forward!

What Happened to Our Net Worth This Month?

Looking good this month! A nice, solid uptick in the numbers helped propel us further towards our net worth goal of $120,000 by the end of the year! We had a nice market uptick, besides my individual stocks taking a little bit of a beating. We were able to move a bunch of money into our emergency fund and got a nice chunk taken out of the mortgage principal (I still am loving seeing that bigger number since refinancing a couple months ago!).

Net Worth - July 2017

July 2017 Net Woth Change Chart


  • Home Value - $174,000 - This is the number that I'll most likely be sticking with for the short term future. It seems to be a solid number, although Zillow is throwing a bigger number out there currently. I know that many others have said that Zillow seems to move around too much to be so accurate, but I'm going to stay conservative for now!
  • Work Roth 403b -  The account continues to grow at a nice rate with. We put the most of our contributions in here and are enjoying the ride this year!
  • Traditional and Roth IRA's - Nice bit of growth this month as we are letting the market do it's magic!
  • Auto Value - It goes up, it goes down... just cars doing their normal thing here...
  • Cash Money - Our cash was up quite a bit this month due to how our paychecks fell. Here's how our bigger expenses played out:
    • Sinking Funds took an $584 hit. We bought vacation airfare for our October trip (~$280) and spending on entertainment was $142.
    • Groceries were pretty good this month. We spent $644 of which $47 was eating out. That's a nice decrease from last month. We ended up $19 over budget.
    • Medical came in at only $85 this month, woohoo! We've started putting $50 a month into our sinking fund to help offset some of these costs. A friend of mine told me about getting a private HSA account started, so I'm going to look into setting one up that we can contribute to so that we can start getting a deduction on our expenses.
  • Emergency Fund Savings - We added over $3,800 to this fund this month. The money came from our extra paycheck last month and also a bonus we received this month. We made $10.15 in interest this month. We will be working hard to start growing this account to replenish it as we have less than $5,000 left to put in there. We are actually considering lowering our contributions until we get the balance back in there.


Home Mortgage - Boom! Another payment in and almost another $610 gone! We are paying off over $200 more than before we refinanced, although we won't break even until April or May 2018. However, we are less than 15 years away from paying off our mortgage now!

YTD Net Worth Growth

2017 Net Worth YTD July

January 1st, 2017 : $102,049.03

August 1st, 2017 : $117,054.45

Total Growth YTD : $15,005.43 (14.70%)

Last Year's Growth: $18,336.16 (21.88%)

Take Away for the Month

July was a fantastic month with good market growth as well as being able to shift quite a bit of our cash into our emergency fund to help build it back up! We are closing in on our growth from last year. It's exciting to see it pan out as we learn to control our money better.

How did your July go?

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