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It's starting to get a little bit nicer here in the Midwest. This week is actually spring break for us, so we are looking for fun activities to stay busy without breaking the bank this week. As an at home parent, this means I will be busier this week then normal since the kids will be home all week. Here are some fun, low cost things that we've planned this week.

Visit the Zoo

On Monday, we decided to take the kids out to the zoo. Earlier this year, we decided to purchase an annual zoo membership that included everything in the park other than the food. Although, we do get a discount on that as well. Since we already had the membership this year, we were able to go for free and have a full run of the park! We had planned to go and surprise the girls with this trip, so we had packed a lunch so that we could have a picnic at the park.

Consider visiting a zoo near you. One thing a lot of zoos do is hold free days. Also, check with your library to see if they have discounted or free admission as well to your zoo.

Ship the kids off to the Grandparents for a Sleepover!

My wife and I were able to score a couple date nights during this spring break week because we are having the girls sleep over at their grandparents' houses on different nights. Since they don't have school, we have a lot more leniency in making the schedule work. It's a win-win-win as well. The kids get to go and be in a different environment for a night. The grandparents get to see the kids and we get a date night and more sleep! Take advantage of the the time off and schedule a fun sleepover at a relative's house if you can.

Go Fly A Kite

Since spring break lined up with my nephews', I made sure to plan a day where my kids would be able to get together with their cousins. We are taking advantage of the nicest day of the week and are getting out to our local park and open green space to fly kites. Kites are generally only a few dollars at the local stores and can be a lot of fun bonding time for you and your kids. If the weather is right, get out and fly a kite!

Have A Movie Night

Here in our household, we love movies! One thing that we have done is build a home theater in our basement. This makes movie night a lot of fun. We pick out a fun movie, (this week it was both of the "Night At The Musuem" movies), make popcorn and treats and cuddle together under the covers on the sofa. Find a movie that your family will enjoy and make an event out of it. Sometimes, we even build forts for the girls to watch the movie in.

Get Out For A Walk Or Bike Ride

Our neighborhood is a wonderful place to get out and walk or bike ride as well. We're at the point now where our kids ride the small bikes and we can walk behind. It's fun and frustrating at the same time. I say frustrating because the girls are still learning to stay on the side of the road a lot, so we are constantly reminding them to get over. Take your family out on a walk or bike ride to see some of the scenery as it's starting to change.

Go Swimming!

If you have a membership to your local YMCA, they might have a pool for you to take the kids swimming. We are lucky to have a couple near us and we will be making full use of it as my youngest is in swim lessons and they love to play in the water. Check out different places by you to see if you have a facility near you.

Do an Easter Week Devotional

This year, we are also doing an Easter Devotional for the week leading up to Easter. Each day, we are telling a story from the bible, doing a fun activity and coloring page as well as an activity that progresses through the whole week. It's a great way to teach about the resurrection to your children in a fun way.


So, what will you be doing with your kids over spring break? How will you be handling care for the kids during the day if you work? What kind of memories will you be creating? Whatever you are doing, I hope you have an awesome spring break!

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