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Just getting back from FinCon, my mind is still reeling with ideas to implement, connections I started, follow up to conduct, and, most importantly, new ideas to make this site so much better! I was pretty much all in for the conference, and, looking back, it was definitely the right choice. Today, I wanted to highlight my view of the conference from a "newbie's" perspective.

General Tips I Have For FinCon


Getting ready for the trip, I was so worried about the unknown. I was listening to the FinCon podcast to get new tips, I joined the Facebook group, Slack app, and the standalone app they had put together. I wanted to make sure that I knew quite a lot about the conference to be better prepared. Although it wasn't necessary, it really helped get my confidence level up and got me in the right mindset to be ready to network.

I over-packed for the conference but was happy to have options. As far as dress code, it was very laid back. I wore my logo'd t-shirts for 3 days and then the FinCon shirt they gave us at check-in the last day. I wore shorts on the warmer days and jeans when I got colder.

FinCon tip: Make sure you leave extra room in your bags for all the swag you get from the vendors! It's insane. I ended up with two extra bags between all the shirts, goodies and books!

Hotel Accomodations

Booking a room at the conference hotel was a great idea, even if it was a little more expensive. In fact, if you are getting your 2018 ticket in Orlando, you can reserve a room right now for the conference.

I ended up rooming with Keith from Money Is Not Taboo, whom I didn't meet in person until the day of the conference. We connected on Twitter and by phone beforehand, but it's these types of amazing networking in the community that have led to so much more. We had both reserved double queen rooms and ended up cancelling one of them to save half the cost on the room! We both lived to tell the tale, as we both joked that we were happy that the other was not a serial killer.

Keith and I at FinCon

So glad Keith shared one of my articles on Twitter! It led to us sharing a room and becoming great buds!

First Timer Orientation

After getting in and getting registered, they had a first timer orientation. I was going back and forth whether it would be worth it to go. In the end, I decided to go alone and ended up sitting with complete strangers. It wasn't long though that I was meeting new people and sharing what we did right there at the table. This year was amazing though, that room was packed! It was great to know that I wasn't the only first timer and the session was jam packed with advice and great tips to help network at the conference and get us ready for this crazy event that we so lovingly call FinCon! I'd love to give out a big shout out to Nick True, Mindy Jenson, and Brian Bain who got up and gave ideas to make the conference better for us first timers!

Sessions and Workshops, Oh My!!!

I had mapped out my sessions that I wanted to attend and did a pretty good job at getting to them. All the ones that I attended had some great actionable advice that I'm really looking to take action on. I did miss some, but used the time well to meet others and visit with sponsors at the Expo Hall to find some new partnerships. Going to the sessions, I would get so jacked up and motivated.

However, since there was still a bunch of conference still to go through, I wasn't able to take action on them right away. I'm so glad that they were all recorded and that I'll be able to go back through them throughout the year and start taking action on all the different things that are working for others.

My FinCon tip for sessions would be to go to them if they are interesting, but if you don't make it, don't sweat it. There were times when I was having a great conversation with others and completely missed the session, but made some new friends.

The Expo Hall

With so many different programs out there, you can spend an entire day just visiting all the booths in the Expo Hall. I spent quite a bit of time going through all the different pitches and listening to all the great ideas that different companies are implementing to help bring more financial literacy to fruition around the world. One of my big goals for this year was to find a few programs to partner with that I could come back and share with you.

Vanguard Booth

Had to stop by and say hi to the Vanguard peeps!

I will be combing through the information shortly and will start playing around with the different stuff I've found and hope that I can help connect you with a few more products to help make your financial life that much easier in the coming year! I'm very excited about this and I just have to say that there is some amazing stuff going on out there!

Visiting the StockPile Booth

Click on the picture to learn more about my friends at StockPile. (I do earn a small amount if you sign up from my link here, but you also get $5 in free stock too for getting started!).

Visiting Sam from HoneyFi

HoneyFi is a couples $$$ app that allows you to comment with your spouse on your transactions to keep you both in communication about your spending. Check out their app by clicking the picture or searching for them on mobile app stores.

Global NPN - all the tools an e-marketer needs.

Keynote Events

There were three big keynote sessions to end each day of sessions based around  the daily themes of Create, Promote, and Profit. I went to all three and was not disappointed. There were some great storytellers and some great information that came forward. Each day was a little bit different, but the speakers did a great job tying everything together for the theme of the day! I got to meet two of the three main speakers and had a great time!

Just me hanging with Darren Rowse and Nicole Walters!

We were even treated to a special musical performance from Dee-1. He sang two songs, "No Car Note" and "Sallie Mae Back". And he even went crowd surfing. It was pretty good!

Hanging Out With All My New Best Friends

I met so many incredible people during the entire conference. It was like being in a room where everyone has the same interest as you! It was so easy to strike up a conversation with so many people. There are so many different stories out there of people sharing their journey and doing some pretty cool stuff! I didn't take nearly enough pictures because I was trying to focus on being present in the moment and learning more about others whenever possible. However, at the costume party on the closing night, I did get a few pics with some pretty cool peeps!

Wrapping It All Up

FinCon has been an amazing experience for me. I have learned so many new strategies that I would like to implement over the next year. I'm looking forward to building on the relationships that I've started here and taking them to a deeper level. Many new products will be growing their base and I'm looking forward to matching them with all of you here when they are an awesome fit as well.

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  1. It was as nice to meet you in Dallas! What a weekend! Haha- I’m still recovering 😉

    • You too! It was amazing! I hear ya, just starting to get back into the groove! Can’t wait to implement some of the new things I’ve learned and start sharing so many of the awesome products and people that I’ve met and connected with! Thanks for reading and commenting Mrs. Adventure Rich!

    • That would make for quite a long trip! I met people from Singapore and Australia there! Maybe next year! It’ll be a little closer, being in Orlando! If nothing else, get the virtual pass next year for the sessions alone!

  2. Awesome meetin’ ya, Steven! Love that you captured video of Dee-1 on stage! Amazing entertainer. 🙂

    • Likewise, friend! Yeah, I thought it was awesome that he actually went crowd surfing at a financial conference! That’s something you don’t see everyday! Wish I would’ve snapped a picture with you and your wife! Next time!

  3. Great recap, Steven. I think you may have gotten more out of the conference than just about anyone. Selfies with the big dogs, visiting all the booths, and I’m guessing lots of sessions, too.

    I saw no mention of beer, unlike most of the other recaps. Maybe that’s how you managed to be so productive?


    • Haha, well, there was so much to cover and I wanted to take it all in. I did end up scoring some drink tickets at a few of the events and got to enjoy my normal rum and coke but didn’t let it hinder me from my goals of all the different things to learn, people to visit and vendors to listen to. It definitely was awesome to get pics with some of my favorites, even if it was at the closing party as I saw my chances growing slimmer LOL! Thanks for hosting the linkup! I can’t wait to go through and read all the other posts and relive it through so many others’ eyes!

  4. Great to finally meet you!!! The best surprise I’ve had from blogging is the awesome community, and FinCon really brought all of that together. Keep up your excellent work, proud to call you a friend!

  5. Great recap, Steve and you had some cool pictures! It was awesome to finally meet you!

    — Jim

  6. So smart to hook up with Keith for the savings…such a cool dude. So awesome to meet you there, Steven. Thanks for making the most of the event, helping to make it great and recapping it all for us here. See you soon!

    • Thanks, yeah, I wasn’t sure if I was going to find a roommate or not! Glad I did and a great one at that! Love what you’re doing with the conference and glad that I was able to make it! I’ve already got my ticket for Orlando and will most likely look to start volunteering and getting more involved in my second round! Thanks for taking the time to read! Love this community!

  7. In so glad we had a chance to hang out a bit outside of Chi town!! Looking forward to Dec 9 – and awesome job having the FinCon peeps join. The more the merrier!!

  8. Thanks for the shoutout Steven! I’m so glad you could make it 🙂

    I look forward to seeing you next year buddy.

  9. Stevie G!!!

    Great post. Shame I’m just now getting to it. Yep, I suffer from TMSGO, Too Much Stuff Going On, and didn’t find it until this evening.

    I thought I had subscribed to your blog, but I guess it didn’t go through.

    Anywho, sure was great to get to sleep with you, uh, I mean room with you. 😀

    I am SO looking forward to Orlando, where we’ll hook up again.

    Keep on keeping on with the good stuff. We’ve got to share The Financial Word.

    As my site says, “Money is not Taboo.”

    Tell the wife and daughters that I said hey!

    All the best from Texas! Your roomie, Shin

    • There are a ton of recaps out there and tons of info to wade through! Glad I was able to make it to the top of your list to read! Hopefully, you are subscribed now. Let me know if you have any issues! Orlando will be a blast to room together again! Loving the Fab 5’s lately, keep up the great work! Have a great night!

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