9 Tips to Save Money on Your Next Bathroom Renovation6 min read

Having thoughts about how to achieve an easy and affordable bathroom renovation? Worry no more! Here's 9 tips on how to revive your bathroom without emptying your wallet.

Revitalizing your old bathroom isn't that hard. All you have to do is follow these 9 bathroom renovation tips for inspiration. Doing things on your own is not a bad idea after all. Not only does it widen your skill set, but it also saves you money. There's no harm in trying, and it often pays to think outside the box.

"There are many ways to make your budget go that bit further when it comes to improving your bathroom." -Jamey Seaman, a bathroom expert.

It’s surprising how much work you can do by yourself. You can save money by buying ready-made bathroom cabinets and avoid paying someone else to install the units to the wall.

There are definitely some things that it might be better to hire a professional for, like replacing your roof. But simple things like these tips are great to learn to do yourself to add additional value to your home!

Come to think of it, you have to believe in yourself that you can make your bathroom look new. So, have confidence and let's dive in!

Create Your Own Wallpaper

You can use pieces of magazines, newspapers and books to achieve a personalized design. While planning your design, choose something that will make your bath attractive. Once ready, brush up the pages with special wallpaper glue and attach it to the wall. Seal it with a clear top coat. In only a few hours you’ll have an instant personalized wallpaper design.

Create your own wallpaper

Splash Some Paint On The Floor

Liven up your floor by brushing it with a glossy paint to complement your bathroom’s style and color scheme. Worry no more and start painting your floor to give life to it.

Editor's Note: This can be a great way to seal your floor and make it water proof. Using an epoxy method, you can give your floor a fun design while sealing it to protect it from water.

Splash some paint on the floor.

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Refinish Fixture Parts Instead of Replacing the Whole Unit

Upgrade your fixtures by changing them a little bit. Often, there’s no need for replacing the whole unit, you only need to update some of its parts. You can change the seat and lid of your toilet instead of changing the whole porcelain perch. Your plumbing system should also be checked for issues. Particularly the sewer lines, pvc pipes, etc.

Editor's Note: Accessorizing your fixtures with a theme and design that you like can often be cheaper and add a whole new layer to the beauty and creativity to the room. Shop at flea markets, thrift stores and garage sales to find the best prices!

Refinish vs replace your fixtures

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Make a Fascinating Color Palette to Create a Whole New Space

Painting your bathroom is not about putting all the colors that you like. It’s about using your imagination to produce a striking monochromatic effect. Painting the walls and matching it with the floors will produce an awesome look to your bath.

Editor's Note: Not too mention, it's one of the cheapest ways to give your room a makeover! Try to use special bathroom paint to protect your walls from humidity and give it more durability for cleaning down the road as well!

Make a Fascinating Color Palette

Use a Stylish Lighting to Add Dramatic Effect

To achieve an elegant-looking bathroom, attach some hanging fixtures in the ceiling. You can make use of the recycled empty water bottles or jars and put some lamp inside it and paint it’s surface. Plus, it adds to the dramatic effect of your bath.

Editor's Note: Adding different lighting in the room can shine light in new places and make your bathroom look bigger with better light.

Use a Stylish Lighting

Craft An Easy, Functional Shelf to Organize and Save Space

Make a stylish shelf out of wood, plumbing pipes, fittings, anything to accent the theme. Make use of these things and you can achieve a functional one. Shelves help your bath look neat and organize your essentials properly so you can save space and get creative!

Craft An Easy, Functional Shelf

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Does your bathroom seem really small? Putting mirrors on the wall can double visual space, making the room seem larger. It's the best way to add depth to a smaller bathroom.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Wall-Mount a Cabinet

Need more storage space, but don't have much room? You can now save space by mounting a storage cabinet on the wall. Conceal essentials by hanging a cabinet that does not eat up valuable floor space. Even better, you can access your daily-used-items by hanging them within arm’s reach of your sink.

Wall-Mount a Cabinet

DIY Mason Jars Organize and Decorate Creatively

Is your bathroom always messy? Have you decided to do something about it? Make use of small mason jars to store your hair pins, cotton swabs and other belongings. They will show the contents while keeping things organized and out of the way.

Do-it-yourself Mason Jars.

With the help of these 9 tips, your bathroom will surely have a new fantastic look!

What have you done to spruce up your bathroom recently? Do you have more money saving tips to share for organizing and accenting your bathroom? Share with us in the comments below or by sharing on social media!

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  1. Some fun tips! One that I really like is swapping out the hardware to give the room a new look. A few years back I redid my first-floor half bath to have a beachy vibe, and I think the entire thing cost me $67. I painted the walls a light blue, swapped in seashell cabinet handles, and hung a few beachy decorations on the walls. The floors were already a sand-colored tile. It turned out quite nicely, if I do say so myself!

    • Yup, new hardware can do wonders! That’s awesome that you were able to make that much of an impact for such a fraction of the cost! It’s the elbow grease that sometimes makes the finishing touches really shine! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Good read and great tips! Adding some lighting does great work in making a room look bigger. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. I really liked the idea of creating my own wallpaper in the bathroom using pieces of magazines, newspapers, and books to achieve a personalized design! I am going to renovate my bathroom as it looks (and is!) quite old, and I want to give it a very original look. I will make sure to write down all of my semi-craze design ideas so that the contractors I will hire could implement them. But I will be the one creating this exclusive wallpaper!

  4. Steven, you are right about finding plumbing hardware at thrift stores. You just have to look. I’ve seen entire sections of thrift stores devoted to bathtub and sink fixtures.

  5. Bathroom renovations are notorious for their expense. However, if you use these tips to complete your project, you’ll be surprised by how easy and inexpensive your remodel is!

  6. Your mason job tip to help clear up clutter seems brilliant! My husband and I would love to remodel our bathroom and make it more organized. We’d love to refinish our existing bathtub to give it a nice makeover. I’m hoping we can find a professional who can do this type of work.

  7. So many good tips. It’s always challenging renovation any room and I find bathroom even more so because they are small. Planning will definitely keep you within budget and the internet will help with inspiration. Thanks for sharing your post

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