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Two Years Into the Journey

Now, almost two years after finishing our FPU class, we have paid off and cut up all of our credit cards and tackled a few loans, a total of $31,758.95 of debt erased from our lives. During that time, we have also paid cash for more hospital and car repair bills than I want to count and purchased a car with cash.

We have gone from relying on credit cards and loans just to get by, to surviving countless potential financial disasters just by writing a check. Our finances, and our money mindsets have been completely transformed.

Although we are still free-spirits who want to explore the world and live as we please, we've found freedom in life on a budget. Now, we are in control and we decide where our money goes instead of watching it slip away.

So, for now, instead of exotic vacations and name brand clothes, we will stick to trips to the local zoo and second-hand treasures. Quite frankly, we are too busy freeing ourselves from debt to care.

Are you ready to finally take control of your finances? Let my budgeting spreadsheets help!

Just fill out the form below and I'll send you the link to get the same exact budgeting spreadsheets that I use each month!

Included in the workbook:


  • Monthly budget form
  • Breakdown of savings form (for your sinking funds)
  • Overview of your financial plan

I've been using these same forms since August 2011 and have grown my family's net worth 500% tracking our money using these forms!

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Vanessa Ruiz

Vanessa enjoys helping others pay off debt without crushing their free spirits. She is a mom, lover of all things DIY, and an encourager to the core. You can join her in finding creative ways to pay off debt, like making your own cleaning supplies, at

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