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I'm so happy you dropped by here at my personal finance website. I try to write personal finance stories going through life with 2 girls. I aim to inspire, motivate, and educate while laughing along the way beating debt and building wealth.

Personal finance has been a passion of mine since my wife and I took Financial Peace University back in August 2011. You can read our entire story here. Since then, we've paid off all of our debt other than our home mortgage, totaling over $27,000 over 2 years. We've continued to work the FPU baby steps and now have a fully funded emergency fund as well as are actively investing.

This website aims to inspire you by sharing our net worth reports, motivate you by sharing different stories of people winning with money and educate you with informative personal finance articles that are easy to read and relate to with actionable content that you can put into place right away.

I hope that you will grab a cup of your favorite beverage, mine is coffee flavored with french vanilla creamer, and read and take action on the information that's being shared here! Hopefully, as you learn to get control of your finances as well, you will share your story to help motivate and inspire others as well. We are here to learn from one another and I can't wait to hear your input on any of our posts in the comments section of your favorite posts!

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Spending Too Much? 4 Frugal Moves to Save Money Each Month

If you feel like you can’t make ends meet each month, it may be because you are spending too much money on unnecessary expenses. It is also possible that you are paying more than you have to for heating, air conditioning and other utilities. Let’s look at some frugal moves to save money each month.

what does your family financial success story look like

What Does Your Family Financial Success Story Look Like?

With all the different financial goals floating around, it can be hard to get on track and get started. I get a chance to share our family financial success story with Elle Martinez from the Couple Money podcast and give you some tips on how to make your success story happen.

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