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Small Fixes

Quick Fixes may include:

  • Changing or re-sizing fonts
  • Resizing or swapping out a header image
  • Changing the width of your content or sidebar
  • Configuring a plug-in
  • Adding a media query (Re-sizing content for mobile devices)
  • Adding or removing space between content, widgets, navigation menu items, etc. 
  • Installing a new theme (for theme install + additional fixes, see “Now it’s getting serious…”)
$20 for one, $30 for two
$40 for three to five small fixes

Theme Update + 3 Small Fixes

This includes theme install + three or more quick fixes. Your blog will feel like a new person… except it’s a blog

Just Getting Started Bundle

Have no fear, I can help you out with setting up hosting, installing wordpress, migrating content, and configuring your theme. I can even help you choose a host and a theme if you’re a complete newbie

Customized theme (built by me)

For this one, I will help you find hosting and help build your theme just the way you would like it. This would make your site completely customized and fully packed with all your content so that you can just start submitting your content and promoting your blog.
$150 and up