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Recent Posts

March 2018 Net Worth Update – $125,946.87 (+$167.62)

Markets have another downward month. We run into a few emergency fund purchases. Our net worth eeks out a small gain. Find out all about in our March 2018 net worth update and weigh in about how your month went financially.

5 Great Ways to Save Money on Your Home's Electrical Repairs

5 Great Ways to Save Money on Your Home’s Electrical Repairs

Electrical repairs are expensive. Done the right way can cost hundreds of dollars a day. Not to mention the safety issues of doing it yourself. Even though hiring an electrician can be pricey, there’s a few smart ways to keep costs down. Here are 5 ways that homeowners can save money on their home’s electrical repairs.

February 2018 Net Worth Chart

February 2018 – $125,779.25 – Net Worth Update (-$2,566.07)

Markets correct, values of assets drop, February numbers are in! We have the biggest drop in our net worth since April 2017. How do you cope with this kind of downturn? Find out my thoughts on this past month’s numbers here in our February 2018 net worth update.

HVAC Losing Steam? 4 Tips to Get It Back to Full Force

As a homeowner, you need to make sure that you and everyone else in your household are as comfortable as possible. If your HVAC system is losing momentum, it can make it very difficult to function properly. Here are four tips to get your HVAC back in shape.

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