Goal Setting – 10 Important Areas

“What would I do if I were me?” Goal setting. We have a hate/love relationship with it. Some of us use New Year’s Day to make goals. What better time to make goals than the present? I love goals. They allow me to strive for something to make myself better. So, I just got done reading a post where Derek, the author was writing about asking himself what he would do in various situations and put out a challenge to set some goals in different areas of his life. I thought it was pretty cool, and thought I would put up […]

Madern Slaves are not in chains. They are in debt.

Are You a Slave to Debt?

I saw this in one of my Facebook groups and thought I would share. The truth of this quote just struck me funny. How true, but sad that in today’s society, we can’t always see the shackles people are wearing, but they are still there, keeping people from their dreams and tying them to a job they don’t like among other things! Which way are you working? Towards more debt or towards freedom? I would challenge you to develop a plan to work off and free yourself from this bondage that we call debt! Some interesting debt facts to consider: Credit Card […]